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  • Fire Tonic: A Spicy-Sweet Elixir Packed with Goodness

    Ingredients: Crafted with care, our Fire Tonic begins with a base of raw, probiotic apple cider and quince vinegars, made in house using handcrafted New York State apples and quince. These vibrant elixirs form the foundation of a powerful blend that includes fresh turmeric, garlic, ginger, habanero, lemon, orange, and a touch of raw honey. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its exceptional benefits.

    Flavor Profile: Fire Tonic dances on your palate with a harmonious blend of sensations. The habanero brings the heat, while the fresh apples and honey provide a delightful sweetness. The vinegar and zesty lemon and orange create a symphony of tangy notes that invigorate the senses.

    Health Benefits: Fire Tonic offers a treasure trove of health benefits. Turmeric, ginger, and garlic bring their anti-inflammatory properties, while the probiotic apple cider vinegar promotes gut health. Habanero adds a kick of metabolism-boosting capsaicin, and lemon and orange infuse your body with vitalizing vitamins.

    Craftsmanship: We take pride in our traditional process. Fresh New York State apples and quince are fermented into raw, probiotic vinegar. This vinegar is then infused with our handpicked ingredients, cold-steeped for a minimum of 6 months to a year. This time-honored method extracts the essence of fruits and roots, ensuring a potent and flavorful elixir. We then add raw honey to balance and perfect the taste.

    Packaging: Fire Tonic comes in convenient 8oz amber Boston round bottles.

    Local Sourcing: We're committed to sourcing our ingredients locally whenever possible, supporting our community and ensuring freshness.

    Serving Suggestions: Enjoy a daily tablespoon of Fire Tonic to boost your wellness journey. It can also be used in culinary creations wherever quality vinegar is called for.

    Discover the goodness of Fire Tonic, a single product born from local roots and crafted with a passion for your well-being.

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    Hot Sauce Trio - Gift Set by Barrel + Brine Price: $30 (A $36 value!) Product Description: Unleash the ultimate flavor fiesta with Barrel + Brine’s exclusive "Hot Sauce Trio - Gift Set." This carefully curated collection features three distinct and bold hot sauces, each offering a unique blend of heat and flavor to elevate your culinary experiences. Perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself, this set is a celebration of spice, ready to be placed under the Christmas tree in its beautifully wrapped presentation.
    1. HAECHI Kimchi Hot Sauce
      • Flavor Profile: Spicy and Savory
      • Ingredients: Tangy Kimchi, Zesty Ginger, Cayenne Peppers, Habaneros
      • Perfect For: Eggs, Tacos, and everything in between
      • Description: Meet the fiery delight of Haechi Kimchi Hot Sauce. Packed with the perfect blend of kimchi and ginger, accented by the fiery punch of cayenne and habaneros, it's a magical elixir that promises to make your taste buds dance with joy.
    2. VooDoo Glow Skull Jalapeño, Tequila, Lime Hot Sauce
      • Flavor Profile: Fiery and Tangy
      • Ingredients: Jalapeños, Tequila, Fresh Lime Juice
      • Perfect For: Adding a zing to eggs or tacos
      • Description: Barrel + Brine’s VooDoo Glow Skull Hot Sauce is an adventurous blend of fire and flavor. With its tantalizing combination of spicy jalapeños, bold tequila, and zesty lime, it's crafted for those who seek an extra kick in their culinary creations.
    3. Who's Frank Cayenne and Garlic Hot Sauce
      • Flavor Profile: Bold and Zesty
      • Ingredients: Cayenne, Garlic
      • Heat Level: Medium
      • Perfect For: Sandwiches, eggs, and more
      • Description: Introducing Who’s Frank – a sassy, bold blend of cayenne and garlic. It's the perfect balance of heat and flavor, offering a playful kick without overwhelming your palate. Its mysterious blend of spices adds a tantalizing twist to any dish.
    Packaging: Each set comes in festive, ready-to-gift packaging, making it an ideal present for the holiday season. The Hot Sauce Trio is not just a gift; it's an experience, waiting to unfold under the Christmas tree. Get Yours Today: Elevate your meals or surprise a loved one with this exquisite collection. Remember, it's more than a gift - it's an invitation to a world of bold flavors! Add to cart now and embark on a spicy journey with Barrel + Brine’s Hot Sauce Trio!
    Gift Sets Will Ship up Until December 20th
  • Looking for a snack that's going to make your taste buds pop? Look no further than Barrel + Brine's Dill Pickle Popcorn Seasoning! This crave-worthy seasoning is the perfect balance of tangy dill pickle flavor and salty goodness. It's the ultimate snack for a night in with friends or a solo binge-watching session. Plus, it's super easy to use - just sprinkle a little (or a lot!) onto your popcorn and you're good to go. With every bite, you'll get that satisfying crunch and an explosion of dill pickle flavor that will have you hooked. So, if you're ready to take your popcorn (or chips, or baked potatoes...) game to the next level, grab a jar of Barrel + Brine's Dill Pickle Popcorn Seasoning today. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!
  • Are you ready to add some heat to your life? Then get ready to meet your new fiery friend - Barrel + Brine's Haechi Kimchi Hot Sauce! This sauce is not your average hot sauce. It's packed with the perfect blend of spicy and savory, thanks to the flavorful combination of tangy kimchi, zesty ginger, and the fiery punch of cayenne peppers and habaneros. One taste of this magical elixir and your taste buds will be dancing with joy! It's the perfect way to liven up any meal, from eggs to tacos and everything in between. So go ahead, give your taste buds the thrill they deserve and grab a bottle of Haechi Kimchi Hot Sauce.
  • Spicy Kimchi Popcorn Seasoning

    Introducing Barrel + Brine's Spicy Kimchi Popcorn seasoning - the ultimate flavor explosion for your popcorn game. This seasoning is no ordinary blend. It's tangy, salty, and packed with that signature umami rich kimchi flavor that will leave you craving more. This seasoning will take your popcorn from basic to badass with just a few shakes. Each bite will transport you to a world of bold, spicy, and savory deliciousness that you won't be able to resist. Try it on chips, baked potatoes, fish, name it! Add some zing to your snacking routine with Barrel + Brine's Spicy Kimchi Popcorn seasoning.
  • Let me introduce you to the one and only Barrel + Brine's VooDoo Glow Skull Hot Sauce! This sensation is a tantalizing blend of fire and flavor, hand crafted with the perfect combination of fiery jalapeños, tequila, and fresh lime juice. This ain't your average hot sauce, oh no. VooDoo Glow Skull is the real deal, packing a spicy punch that'll give you just the right amount of heat to make your taste buds tingle with excitement. It's the kind of sauce that'll make you feel like a true culinary adventurer, adding depth and dimension to any dish. So whether you're dousing your eggs with a few drops for a wake-up call, or adding a dollop to your tacos to kick up the fiesta, Barrel + Brine's VooDoo Glow Skull Hot Sauce is the perfect way to add some sizzle to your plate. Don't be scared, dare to try it, and get ready to fall under the spell of VooDoo Glow Skull!   5 oz Bottle
  • Looking for a hot sauce that'll make your taste buds stand up and say "whoa!"? Look no further than Barrel + Brine's Who's Frank! This sassy sauce is a bold and zesty blend of fiery cayenne and garlic, with just the right amount of heat to give your palate a playful little kick. It's the perfect sauce for those who like it hot, but not so hot that they need to call the fire department. But don't let the medium heat fool you, my friend. Who's Frank is all about flavor, with a deep and complex taste that'll leave you craving more. It's like a secret blend of spices that you just can't put your finger on, adding a touch of mystery to every bite. Whether you're slathering it on your favorite sandwich for a spicy twist, or drizzling it over your eggs for a wake-up call, Barrel + Brine's Who's Frank hot sauce is the perfect way to add some pizzazz to your plate.   5oz Bottle


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